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little jews.
noone likes them.
gas those little monkeys.
---At A PLaySchool____
Ralph:Ma'am, someone took my lunch money. Put the fucking jewlet in detention.
Ralph: And please cut off his jewballs.
Teacher: Sure dawg.
Niglet: YAAY balls
Chinklet: Dammit i cant see yet....
Jewlets: meow
by vardhankapoor January 30, 2008
a native child from places such as japan,korea,china...
A chinklets eyes opens fully at around 4-6 years. However their penis stops growing when they are around 2-3 years. It is a common tradition for the proud parents of a chinklet to glue the chinklet's eyes together.
how do you blindfold a chinklet?
with dental floss.

what do you call a chinklet born with one testicle?

by vardhankapoor January 30, 2008

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