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a gang of rogue, militant Beatles fans who will destroy anyone who insults or undermines the work of the group, or any of it's members.
When Sally offended the Beatles Mafia by saying that the Rolling Stones were better, she woke up with Henry The Horse's head on her pillow
by vapeaurmauve December 10, 2006
Also: Beatle person/girl/boy

1.Generally, people who are nice, clean cut, sweet, polite, simple, naive; usually young and teenybopperish. They are usually more friendly and easier to get along with than Rolling Stones people. They were nicely dressed and coiffed, and respected their elders.

2.During the 60's, you were generally regarded as either a Beatles person, or a Rolling Stones person

3.People who liken themselves to, or possess the qualities that are of The Beatles

4.Contrary to the Rolling Stones people
Beatle people are really my kind of people
by vapeaurmauve December 10, 2006
Also: Rolling Stones person/girl/boy

1. Generally, a person that is brash, mature, extroverted,rebellious, cheeky,liberated,confident, sometimes sexually promiscuous, and consider themselves more highly evolved than Beatles People, as Beatles People are generally young and naive. They were scruffier and more unkept than Beatle People.

2. People who liken themselves to, or possess the qualities that are of the Rolling Stones

3.In contrast to that of Beatle People
I would never let my daughter date Rolling Stones people. They are too rebellious and long haired.
by vapeaurmauve December 10, 2006
Adj; the act of being a dilf; possessing the qualities of a DILF.

other variations include DILFesque, DILFiness
Mr. Richards is so DILFy, It keeps me from concentrating on my math.

I always study at Ritchie's house, just so I can bask in his dad's DILFiness
by vapeaurmauve December 10, 2006
a more mature dilf, a dilf that is still attractive, but has reached a higher age bracket.(50-60)
I watched this year's Super Bowl halftime show in hopes of getting to see the GRILF gods, The Rolling Stones.
by vapeaurmauve December 11, 2006
1. An uptight, unimaginative, narrow-minded,prudish person. They don't engage in any activities they feel deviate from their norms, mostly because they are insecure about something.

2. Your typical conservative. Against abortion, but has no problem killing innocent children in the war. Hates women, but hates being gay even more. Believes everything the Bible "preaches" about homosexuality but ignores the stuff about love, closeness, togetherness, friendship and tolerance.
Stop being such a pilgrim and French me.
by vapeaurmauve December 10, 2006
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