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When you go on at least a diet of Crystal Meth, marlboros and mountain dew, for a minimum of 9 days to get the full effect.
Crys-Tal: Umm Brandi how'd you get so skinny?

Brandi: After Dale got back from hug'a'thug he got me back on that missouri diet girl.

Crys-Tal: Well you's gettin finer than a froghair.
by vansdirty hand July 08, 2010
A kind way of telling someone to fuck off, through insertion of sand into their anus, and pushing it down through the use of a stick, road cone, or broken broom handle.
guy 1- man this dude at the bar was being a total douch nozzle.

guy 2- so what did you do?

guy 1- I just told him to pound sand in your ass.

guy 2- hmmm.
by vansdirty hand July 08, 2010
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