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Pronunciation: \ˈvanˈpī-rət\

Function: noun
one who exhibits vampire, ninja, and pirate tendencies; someone who loots and pillages primarily at night, has also been known to black fog from social events; someone who lives by the motto, "Drink like a pirate, fight like a ninja"; someone who is dark and mysterious
You, "Did you hear that Erik got in a bar fight last night?"
Me, "Yeah, he has turned into a real vanpirate lately!"
by vanpirate January 06, 2010
a herd of multiple uteri; a plural amount of uterus in a pack; if a herd of lions is a pride, and a herd of wolves is a pack, then a herd of uteri are a snatch... A collective group of women, not necessarily a negative connotation...
Did you see the snatch of uteri that just walked into the bar?
by vanpirate January 16, 2009
a collective group of penises; more than just one penis in one place
Did you see that bang of dicks who just walked into the bar? You guys are a bang!!!
by vanpirate January 16, 2009
a collective group of boobs; more than just a pair of boobs...
Did you see the fondle of boobs in that bunch? Those lakers girls have quite the fondle.
by vanpirate January 16, 2009

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