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3 definitions by vanessa nukka!!!!

A pussy thats all over the place. Whores and "dyme pieces" are usually an owner of these.
Yo look at that bitch Kristen over there. She thinks she got some magical twat hurricane but for rizz nobody wants her stanky asssss.
by vanessa nukka!!!! August 12, 2006
9 2
when ur takin a shit and theres still a piece hangin on ur ass
i was takin a shit and i had fuckin dangler afterwards. i tried to wiggle my ass around the toilet seat but it never dropped.
by vanessa nukka!!!! July 15, 2006
11 4
when a girl thinks shes gonna queef but shit comes out instead.
omg that bitch splarted all over the place
by vanessa nukka!!!! July 15, 2006
5 18