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Blowing the bottle is a completely natural sexual act performed by a girl (or a guy) on another guy, in other words, giving him a blowjob.
Person A: So, how was the party last night? Did you end up hooking up with that hot guy? Did you blow his bottle?

Person B: Oh yeaaah I did blow the bottle, it was so big!!!

Person A: Will you blow mine?

Person B: No, your bottle is too small, only like half a liter. Go blow it yourself.
by vamp_teeth October 13, 2009
An annoying 12-year old spoilt brat who not only is a bitch, but who also aspires to be a prostitute, and is slowly achieving this dream in every new provocative video on youtube.

"You know that you want to, you know that you need to,
It will last longer for you. Baby say it now,"
Jenna Rose: They know that they love me, they know that they hate me,
No matter what, I am a sta-a-r.

Janis Ian: You think that everybody is in love with you, when actually everybody HATES you!!!
by Vamp_teeth April 04, 2011
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