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An elixir (either tangible or intangible) one drinks that exacerbates sometimes an already tainted belief system and emboldens the drinker to act upon said beliefs. Very similar to kool-aid, but the drinker of this drink is already a bit nutty, whereas kool-aid drinkers are sane, yet gullible.
The anti-abortion protesters all gathered 'round the entrance to the clinic and chanted, having previously imbibed themselves with their kook-aid.
by valpalas December 14, 2009
A disease consisting of frequent, acute bouts of sleeping, snoozing, or napping, often at inappropriate times (driving, working, in the middle of the day...). Napiliepsy has no cure.

Napileptic: of or pertaining to napilepsy.
It is always difficult for me to drive somewhere. Around 30 minutes into the trip, I have a napileptic fit.

We were extremely late to dinner because of our napilepsy
by valpalas December 25, 2010

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