42 definitions by valoem

to use PCP, marijuana, and crack
Wicky stick is insane
by valoem February 06, 2005
the abuse of ambien for recreational purposes which produces hallucinations and may give the effect as if one were dreaming when they are actually awake.
I just snapped out of my ambi trip.
by valoem September 18, 2004
slang for the drug heroin
Yo you got any hell dust?
by valoem February 06, 2005
Heroin and crack mixture
Dragon Rock is too hard for me
by valoem February 06, 2005
slang for liquefied heroin
I can't get any Nose drops.
by valoem February 06, 2005
Smash Till Dawn
In other words, playing Super Smash Brothers all night. Can either be done for fun or for practice before a major tournament.
Yo we gotta catched an STD.
by valoem March 15, 2006
The seventh generation console for Nintendo. Instead of using conventional controllers, the Wii is going to use wireless remote control styled controller. Its original code name was Nintendo Revolutions, which was a much better and sensible name. However, this should not impede the fact that this console has potential.
The Wii might be the greatest of the seventh generation consoles.
by valoem May 07, 2006
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