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Fuck the police. Coined in early 1998 by a C.B. local. It is the only true definition of this word and all the othere can f*ck off.
I'm sick of these pigs harassing us. FTP baby.
by Valo February 15, 2005
A Sex God with most amazingly sexy green eyes and the sexiest body in the world.

Some people say he's my hero, but that doesn't describe how much more he actualy is.
Your Love is a Razorblade Kiss
Sweet as the taste from your lips
by Valo May 05, 2004
An old CB word developed by 2 potheads on the way to a bowling-ally that means marijuana.
Me and my boy Roach ate up all the green candy last weekend.
by Valo September 24, 2004
A ghetto ass card shop in CB that houses comic city man, a fat bastard of a man who lives off of spray cheeze and the sraps of money he gets for the shitiest of things. There are always to fags by the window playin yugio-gay-shit so they can become proffesionals and make a living.
God, I'm gonna set a pipe bomb off in that store. The fags are like K-mart.
by Valo December 16, 2004
Poor ass pants that only someone with an income less then $5000 a year would wear.
Are you dead fucking serious with those pants? Those shits are haggard.
by Valo September 20, 2004
true grade shit. council bluffs lays in the direct path from la to newyork, thus cb directly benefits from it. Council Bluffs weed is always good shit.
man, im throwed off this council bluffs weed.
by valo April 23, 2007
Who the fuck knows, mabe it means children. Some Fuck From CB came up with it.
Oooooohhh look at the little Kitten hawk's.
by Valo September 24, 2004
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