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vallejo stupid is actually a complimant, vallejo stupid can be called HYPHY and all you have to do to be "vallejo stupid" is too listen to a bay area song and roll your eyes, elbows bent, legs too, and start giggin... it all started from MAC DRE....RIP
"aye nigga that nigga from VALLEJO is gettin stupid"
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 05, 2005
short for ugly ass nigga,
check all the fuckin abreviations and i definately know there all fuckin pointless and only lazy ass people use words like uan, bashmfn,flip, bab, fob even etc
"ja rule is one UAN"
" i use fuckin abreviation cuz im fuckin lazy and degrate my proper english for usin dumb ass acronyms"
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 05, 2005
super hyphy is super hyphy, check super and then hyphy and yah got your answer
"yo super hyphy is tiz ight"
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 07, 2005
ugly ass poodle, a uap is a teacher or someone old and they say there some different type of ethnicity and has a fuckin ugly ass hair-do (like a poodle)
"yo Ms.DuBois (teacher) is a fuckin uap"
by VaLLeJo THiZzin' May 06, 2005
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