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Also known by the soubriquet "Crapir", Vapir (Air-2.com) are a notorious company, well known for polluting the vaporizer market with their shitty, badly designed products - most of their units leak or, more often than not, just don't work very well.
Hey, I hear that you'll damn near asphyxiate yourslf trying to get a decent hit out of a Vapir Oxygen Mini - still, their website looks very polished and convincing, so maybe I should trust them...
by vaiz June 17, 2008
An affectionate nickname for the popular yet deeply nauseating bunch of twats also known as Westlife.
Westlife?...ohhh, you mean Wanklife!
by vaiz March 05, 2007
A terrifying psychological illness where the patient is worried that he/she is unbearably attractive, and will go to pathological lengths to remedy this unhappy state of affairs.
Hello there. I have a disease. I suffer from IMPERFLICTION. Every day I wake up worrying myself stupid(er) that im horribly attractive and that everyone likes me. I do so want to look butt fugly like everyone else. I've done everything to try and counter this terrible illness e.g. mercilessly sandpapered my ricky for hours, pressed red-hot steam irons onto it, immersed it in basins of sulphuric acid, but to no avail. I'm still hideously attractive - ohhhh pauvre moi, pauvre moi *sob...sob*
by vaiz February 27, 2007
A great friend to the jewish people. As much has been proved under the influence of an extremely potent truth drug.
Mel Gibson: Fucking Jews...The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.

by vaiz August 01, 2006

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