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The art of sneaking extra people into your ridiculously cheap travelodge room and managing to dodge the receptionist and other hotel staff. This can be achieved by wearing different disguises, asking difficult questions at reception to create a distraction, or unscrewing the windows and climbing in.
person 1: how many people can that room hold?
person 2: ehmm 3
person 1: how many of us are there?
person 2: 14
person 1: how's this gonna work then?
person 2: it's time to do the travelodge dodge
by vagster November 27, 2011
Acronym for "pilled out my nut" - To be very high on pills; usually after taking a quantity of at least five or more. A very common phrase at Scottish music festivals.
"Oh man.. I've just gubbed 10 pills.."
2 hours later... "I'm pomn!!"
by vagster October 30, 2009
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