2 definitions by v-dubs

Mitch the Bitch is a term for a Male/little bitch name Mitchel. Preferably Closs.
Chance "Man, this guy is being the biggest Mitch the Bitch alive. He wont even finger me."

Davin " Jenna is way hotter."
by V-Dubs September 04, 2014
An intense sexual experience involving one male subject and every member of a given sorority. Other members that may partake include but are not limited to lesbians, trysexuals, and school mascots. Additionaly any and all flora and fauna are encouraged.
"Man. I havent been able to walk since last week after that sororitysome."

"I have not lost wood since that sororitysome."
by v-dubs December 14, 2008

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