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An academically rich and competitive school. It boasts a rigorous and competitive environment both academically and athletically. The kids that go here can take AP courses while playing three sports and scoring 2300s on SAT's. We are the best school in Annapolis. We are wealthy white kids who breathe excellence in every area. People are jealous of our smarts, athletic skills and money. We look down at other schools like AACS (filled of faggots) ABSHS (also filled with faggots) IC (who cares) Key (gay stoners) severn (gayyyyy). We are the best school, we rock the polos and look sick doing it. We live in the best neighborhoods: Murray Hill, Sherwood, Bay Ridge etc... We have the nicest beach houses, and people don't mess with us bc they know we would kick their ass.
girl: Hey you are you a St. Mary's Saint?!
Guy: yeah.
Girl:omg your so hot and smart, we should hook up.
Guy: Yeah well I had plans with these other chicks but you can join.
Girl: OK!
by uzusaint April 16, 2010

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