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something that pleases your eyes, e.g. a very attractive scene.
Nepal has many eye feasts for tourists.
by uttam maharjan 1 May 02, 2014
a girl or woman who is promiscuous but does not let anyone fuck her in her vagina, thus retaining her virginity.
She claims that she is still a virgin but I have seen her in the arms of too many men. Perhaps, she is a demi-virgin.
by uttam maharjan 1 November 02, 2014
wonderful, fantastic, mind-blowing.
I had a mind-blasting experience when I saw a C-rock last month.
by uttam maharjan 1 May 23, 2014
a person who works in a cafe/coffee shop or who is excessively obsessed with coffee and coffee products.
His intends to be a good cafista.
by uttam maharjan 1 June 27, 2014
sexually provocative words uttered by one or both sex partners in bed before engaging in sexual intercourse. Such words are uttered as a sex stimulant.
They always utter pillow words before having sex.
by uttam maharjan 1 June 22, 2014
None of your masculinose attitude. Such an attitude does not show that you are macho. Therefore, behave naturally.
by uttam maharjan 1 June 13, 2014
a picture of sex one is having with one's partner, which is taken by oneself; sex selfie.
The guy sexted me with his sexfie.
by uttam maharjan 1 November 01, 2014

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