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1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

a leak of secret information; divulging of secret documents or cables.
A wikileak of secret US cables is causing a headache in the USA now.
by uttam maharjan December 12, 2010
dog's poo/excrement.
A dog bag is used to pick up doo.
by uttam maharjan July 02, 2010
a moment of great sorrow; a great disaster.
The death of her husband is a skyfall to her.
by uttam maharjan March 23, 2013
Australian (or Aussie) abbreviation for Tasmanian.
The Tassies are visiting us tomorrow.
by uttam maharjan July 24, 2010
Aussie abbreviation for tradesmen.
The tradies are carrying on brisk biz now.
by uttam maharjan July 25, 2010
size of breasts and hence size of bras, too.
Sheila needs A cups, whereas Jane needs D cups. Now guess who has the bigger boobs?
by uttam maharjan March 19, 2010
to spread-eagle; extend; branch out.
The crime ring is starfishing far and wide.
by uttam maharjan March 27, 2012