1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

a very large vagina, perhaps to the point of being attractive to men.
The whore's cunt kind of looks likes a vaginasaurus regina.
by uttam maharjan February 12, 2010
a whisper that is loud enough to be heard. May be used as a verb (loud-whisper).
1. His whisper ended in a loud whisper.

2. He loud-whispered something in my ear and my ear got irritated.
by uttam maharjan December 17, 2012
having a heart that gets hurt at the slightest umbrage; haveing a heart that breaks easily.
It is said that women are glass-hearted.
by uttam maharjan August 28, 2012
speech designed to mislead people.
None of your double speak; speak in unambiguous terms.
by uttam maharjan August 16, 2012
cinema multiplex.
The cineplex has a dozen halls.
by uttam maharjan March 15, 2012
to masturbate into a condom.
Whenever he masturbates, he condomasturbates.
by uttam maharjan October 12, 2011
an occasion when people indulge in group sex.
You are invited to the sex-in that takes place tonight.
by uttam maharjan September 21, 2011

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