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a haunted house.
Nobody lives in that house because it is a spookhouse.
by uttam maharjan May 18, 2010
sex on demand.
Being fed up with having to serve her hubby sexually whenever he asks her to have sex, the wife one day summoned enough guts and shouted at her hubby: "From now onwards, you won't have S.O.D. I have also my own sex life to dig."
by uttam maharjan March 29, 2010
a great event such as a flood or earthquake that will destroy the whole world at some fututre time. After the event, a new world of peace, harmony and welfare will emerge.
The world time bomb is ticking away.
by uttam maharjan March 23, 2010
a very large vagina, perhaps to the point of being attractive to men.
The whore's cunt kind of looks likes a vaginasaurus regina.
by uttam maharjan February 12, 2010
a place where gays gather to discuss their social and economic issues.
The hideout that is being used as a brokeback mountain has been busted by the police.
by uttam maharjan February 08, 2013
the stage in which all the Internet developments and activities will come to an end and the Internet age will be supplanted by some other form of IT.
Will the Epocalypse ever come? It's a tricky question.
by uttam maharjan October 06, 2012
having a heart that gets hurt at the slightest umbrage; haveing a heart that breaks easily.
It is said that women are glass-hearted.
by uttam maharjan August 28, 2012

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