1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

Sex is a battlefield where warriors are born, not killed.
Tired of the definition of sex?
by uttam maharjan July 04, 2010
a haunted house.
Nobody lives in that house because it is a spookhouse.
by uttam maharjan May 18, 2010
size of breasts and hence size of bras, too.
Sheila needs A cups, whereas Jane needs D cups. Now guess who has the bigger boobs?
by uttam maharjan March 19, 2010
fear of earthquakes.
We all, more or less, suffer from seismophobia.
by uttam maharjan November 30, 2011
one who eats too much on Thanksgiving Day.
Not all become Thanksgiving gluttons on Thanksgiving Day.
by uttam maharjan November 26, 2011
another term for rest room.
The comfort room is not comfortable at all; it is dirty beyond tolerance.
by uttam maharjan December 30, 2010
breakfast cereal. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie declare that they do not like the amalgamated name 'Brangelina' because it sounds like breakfast cereal.
Child: Mom, what's there for my breakfast?
Mom: Brangelina, my child.
by uttam maharjan November 02, 2010

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