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1660 definitions by uttam maharjan

(verb) 1. to use one or more asterisks to cover up a suggestive word. You can asterisk the word 'fuck' as f***.
2. to make or cause to seem (a word) suggestive.
1. Your write-up is full of asterisked words.
2. Do not asterisk words haphazardly. There is no need for asterisking the words 'promiscuous' and 'sexuality'.
by uttam maharjan December 31, 2011
6 1
abnormal dread of wolves.
Children are generally full of lupophobia.
by uttam maharjan March 09, 2011
7 2
another name for clavicle. From the belief that clavicles- when exposed, e.g. in a topless dress or in a state of semi-nakedness or nakedness- make a woman look beautiful.
The model tumbled on the ramp and broke her right beauty bone.
by uttam maharjan September 28, 2010
10 5
relating to a brother-and-sister relation.
John and Mary have a brosis relation.
by uttam maharjan August 22, 2010
10 5
Australian abbreviation for firemen.
At long last, the firies managed to douse the fire.
by uttam maharjan July 25, 2010
7 2
a haunted house.
Nobody lives in that house because it is a spookhouse.
by uttam maharjan May 18, 2010
7 2
a great event such as a flood or earthquake that will destroy the whole world at some fututre time. After the event, a new world of peace, harmony and welfare will emerge.
The world time bomb is ticking away.
by uttam maharjan March 23, 2010
8 3