1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

uselesss; nonsense.
None of your herpy-derpy talk!
by uttam maharjan June 25, 2011
a penniless person; a very poor person.
Mr Josh, who was once a millionaire, is now a nihilillionaire.
by uttam maharjan September 19, 2010
Foresex is essential for deriving the full pleasures of sex.
by uttam maharjan August 28, 2010
It is nothing other than romantic comedy. Derivatives include, inter alia, romedian and romedienne.
Romedy is a monotonous boy-meets-girl flick.
by uttam maharjan March 15, 2010
The act of having simulated sex with objects such as dolls, machines, bedding or anything else. One resorts to such a kind of sex when one feels a sex urge but cannot find a partner to satisfy it.
I think alternative sex is a sexual perversion.
by uttam maharjan February 19, 2010
Bengali interspersed with English terms.
The Bengali speaks Banglish.
by uttam maharjan February 20, 2012
a device used by women for masturbation purposes.
She uses a Sybian machines rather than have sex with her hubby.
by uttam maharjan May 31, 2011

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