1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

false pride; vanity. Note: The term 'Indian' is taken to mean 'false'.
The guy is full of Indian pride.
by uttam maharjan June 15, 2010
one who is not streetwise.
It is difficult for smartasses to live in this crime-prone area.
by uttam maharjan November 17, 2011
1. a milking machine.
2. one who exploits others.
1. The dairy farm uses milkers only to milk cattle.
2. Shylocks are indubitably milkers.
by uttam maharjan October 29, 2011
Punic faith; treachery.
He was hanged for his Trojan faith.
by uttam maharjan October 02, 2011
full of pimples.
Her titties are zitty.
by uttam maharjan February 08, 2011
the act of commiting suicide by a girl or woman when she is jilted by her lover.
When she was abandoned by her beau, she resorted to Didoism.
by uttam maharjan December 19, 2010
in the habit of crying for no apparent reason.
The child is very quiritant.
by uttam maharjan October 24, 2010

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