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1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

full of pimples.
Her titties are zitty.
by uttam maharjan February 08, 2011
the act of commiting suicide by a girl or woman when she is jilted by her lover.
When she was abandoned by her beau, she resorted to Didoism.
by uttam maharjan December 19, 2010
resembling the cells of a honeycomb.
The fabric has a faviform texture.
by uttam maharjan December 07, 2010
growing warm gradually.
We have a fovescent climate at present.
by uttam maharjan December 07, 2010
to throw out of order.
Your negligence has deconditioned the well-functioning air conditioner.
by uttam maharjan October 24, 2010
one who is fond of beer and is always high on that stuff.
It is no surprise that he drank ten beers. He is a beer bear.
by uttam maharjan September 16, 2010
false pride; vanity. Note: The term 'Indian' is taken to mean 'false'.
The guy is full of Indian pride.
by uttam maharjan June 15, 2010