1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

feeding on seaweed.
Some sea creatures are phycophagous.
by uttam maharjan December 19, 2010
a headache one experiences while on holiday.
Since you are suffering from a holidache, you had better go back to the desk, I suppose.
by uttam maharjan November 29, 2010
to overtake a vehicle that is overtaking some other vehicle; to overtake an overtaking vehicle.
Do not double-overtake that vehicle; it is perilous.
by uttam maharjan November 29, 2010
sexual intercourse with dead animals. In civilized society, it is worse than bestiality.
Those who practise necrobestiality are disgusting to society.
by uttam maharjan November 15, 2010
something, e.g. a cock, a dildo, a finger or a stick, that is inserted into the vagina. It would especially denote a penis.
The girl is frightened of vaginers.
by uttam maharjan November 11, 2010
slang for a prostitute.
I cannot bear with that bear. She has such bearish behaviour.
by uttam maharjan October 11, 2010
a person who sells goods at a high price.
I don't want to shop with him. He is such a dear jack.
by uttam maharjan October 07, 2010

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