1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

short for millet.
I like milly bread.
by uttam maharjan September 29, 2011
a type of dumpling that is consumed in Nepal, India, Tibet, etc.
Momos are popular in Nepal.
by uttam maharjan June 09, 2011
French for toilets. Shortened to lieux.
The city is a tourist area but lacks public lieux d'aisances.
by uttam maharjan February 13, 2011
turning white.
Can you notice that her skin is albescent?
by uttam maharjan February 01, 2011
from Z to A; in reverse alphabetic order. From beta and alpha.
It is difficult for a kid to recite the alphabets betalphatically.
by uttam maharjan December 23, 2010
feeding on seaweed.
Some sea creatures are phycophagous.
by uttam maharjan December 19, 2010
a headache one experiences while on holiday.
Since you are suffering from a holidache, you had better go back to the desk, I suppose.
by uttam maharjan November 29, 2010
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