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1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

the penis of a child. Also called a penisling.
Your penis looks like a penislet.
by uttam maharjan October 02, 2011
the forest where all or most of the trees and plants have been charred by a great conflagration so that it will wear a dark look.
After a great inferno, the forest has turned into a black forest.
by uttam maharjan September 08, 2011
a type of dumpling that is consumed in Nepal, India, Tibet, etc.
Momos are popular in Nepal.
by uttam maharjan June 09, 2011
a car cover.
He bought a carpaulin for his brand-new Prius.
by uttam maharjan December 22, 2010
1. fiery; hot.

2. hot-tempered.
1. The teacher has a hephaestine temper.
2. My friend is very hephaestine.
by uttam maharjan December 07, 2010
China, India and Indonesia combined together.
The contribution of Chindonesia to the Asian economy cannot be overstated.
by uttam maharjan November 15, 2010
a person who sells goods at a high price.
I don't want to shop with him. He is such a dear jack.
by uttam maharjan October 07, 2010