1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

a substance that stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the alimentary and gastrointestinal tracts and that thus benefits the host as well.
Probiotics would obstruct the growth of harmful bacteria.
by uttam maharjan April 23, 2010
a woman who is very popular among men and whom every man wants to have sex with.
She is both a siren and a mankiller.
by uttam maharjan October 02, 2013
another name for clavicle. From the belief that clavicles- when exposed, e.g. in a topless dress or in a state of semi-nakedness or nakedness- make a woman look beautiful.
The model tumbled on the ramp and broke her right beauty bone.
by uttam maharjan September 28, 2010
a euphemism for those who do not like the term 'second-hand'.
He has a pre-owned car. He has just bought it from his friend.
by uttam maharjan February 27, 2010
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