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Aussie abbreviation for tradesmen.
The tradies are carrying on brisk biz now.
by uttam maharjan July 25, 2010
another name for clavicle. From the belief that clavicles- when exposed, e.g. in a topless dress or in a state of semi-nakedness or nakedness- make a woman look beautiful.
The model tumbled on the ramp and broke her right beauty bone.
by uttam maharjan September 28, 2010
a legitimate goal that is denied by a referee due to misjudgement. Source: World Cup 2010 pre-quarter final match between Germany and England. During the match, a Frank Lampard shot bounced off the undreside of the bar into the net but the goal was not allowed by referee Jorge Larrionda.
Oops again! The referee disallowed the goal. The team were a victim of two Lampard goals in a row.
by uttam maharjan June 27, 2010
much too obsession with love and lovemaking. Experienced by those lovers who have just fallen in love and started dating together. Those stung by lovaria cannot think about anything other than love, love and love.
She does not feel hungry and thirsty nowadays. Perhaps she has fallen into lovaria.
by uttam maharjan February 24, 2010
abnormal dread of wolves.
Children are generally full of lupophobia.
by uttam maharjan March 09, 2011
a substance that stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria in the alimentary and gastrointestinal tracts and that thus benefits the host as well.
Probiotics would obstruct the growth of harmful bacteria.
by uttam maharjan April 23, 2010
a euphemism for those who do not like the term 'second-hand'.
He has a pre-owned car. He has just bought it from his friend.
by uttam maharjan February 27, 2010

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