1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

a vehicle that runs with a loud noise; a chug-chug vehicle.
The car is a vroomer; it blares irritatingly.
by uttam maharjan September 04, 2011
study of the Amerindians, their languages, their cultures and practices and so on.
Amerindology is beyond my ken.
by uttam maharjan August 16, 2011
a device equipped with a pen that makes the actual signature of a person.
The document was signed with an autopen machine.
by uttam maharjan August 15, 2011
fear of marrying a foreigner; hating marriage with a foreigner.
It was the xenogamophobia that prevented her from marrying an alien.
by uttam maharjan August 15, 2011
showing no shame at all; impudent.
None of your effront behaviour.
by uttam maharjan August 08, 2011
When women dominate men, there arises a case of hencrow.
A hencrow situation is not desirable. Neither is a ‘cockcrow’ one.
by uttam maharjan August 07, 2011
an anti-fertility drug; contraceptive.
It is a matter of worry that unmarried girls are using anti-preg pill more exceedingly than ever.
by uttam maharjan August 07, 2011

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