1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

a person who is moody.
Sometimes he allows me to do this and at other times he does not. After all, he is a moodie.

by uttam maharjan September 22, 2012
a system of government by mediocre people.
A mediocracy cannot make headway.
by uttam maharjan May 29, 2012
eating frogs and toads.
Snakes are batrachophagous reptiles.
by uttam maharjan April 07, 2012
a condition in which a country is ruled over by foreigners or foreign forces.
Before independence, India was living under xenocracy. At the time, the British were ruling over the country.
by uttam maharjan March 25, 2012
to cut, pierce or kill with a knife,
A brawl ensued among the friends and he was knived to death.
by uttam maharjan March 25, 2012
a very sentimental person; a sentimentally foolish person.
You are such a mawk. You break down for no apparent reason.
by uttam maharjan February 23, 2012
money earned by sale of petroleum products like petrol, diesel oil and lubricant.
Gulf countries are rich from petromoney.
by uttam maharjan February 01, 2012

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