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1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

short for Philadelphia.
They are visiting Philly next week.
by uttam maharjan October 06, 2012
full of ups and downs
His career is upsy-downsy.
by uttam maharjan October 06, 2012
eating frogs and toads.
Snakes are batrachophagous reptiles.
by uttam maharjan April 07, 2012
the tendency to think if the present time were a past time it would be much better; the tendency to revert to the days of yore.
Today is April 1 2012. If today were, say, April 1, 2005, I would rectify all the mistakes that I have made over the last seven years, which would make my life better. This is nostomania.
by uttam maharjan April 01, 2012
to cut, pierce or kill with a knife,
A brawl ensued among the friends and he was knived to death.
by uttam maharjan March 25, 2012
a very sentimental person; a sentimentally foolish person.
You are such a mawk. You break down for no apparent reason.
by uttam maharjan February 23, 2012
propagation and sharing of information through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
Social media is a growing field.
by uttam maharjan February 07, 2012