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a sexual act or move in which a man fucks his partner in the vagina and the anus in turn, ie first in the vagina, then in the anus, then again in the vagina and so on.
The man has made it a point of having vaganal sex with his wife.
by uttam maharjan February 21, 2010
supportive of euthanasia.
He belongs to a pro-death school of thought.
by uttam maharjan February 18, 2013
a place where gays gather to discuss their social and economic issues.
The hideout that is being used as a brokeback mountain has been busted by the police.
by uttam maharjan February 08, 2013
undue excitement; ado; todo; commotion.
There was a kind of hoo-ha over the minister's resignation.
by uttam maharjan December 23, 2012
a whisper that is loud enough to be heard. May be used as a verb (loud-whisper).
1. His whisper ended in a loud whisper.

2. He loud-whispered something in my ear and my ear got irritated.
by uttam maharjan December 17, 2012
an Arkansan.
She is an Arkie by birth.
by uttam maharjan December 12, 2012
property or belongings. Always used in the plural form.
He has a lot of havings.
by uttam maharjan December 12, 2012

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