1661 definitions by uttam maharjan

something that is not acceptable.
Your marriage proposal is a stick-in-the-craw.
by uttam maharjan October 08, 2011
an occasion when people indulge in group sex.
You are invited to the sex-in that takes place tonight.
by uttam maharjan September 21, 2011
a person who frequently visits McDonald's and who is fond of the food and drink served there.
I am not a McDonald duck.
by uttam maharjan June 07, 2011
breakfast cereal. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie declare that they do not like the amalgamated name 'Brangelina' because it sounds like breakfast cereal.
Child: Mom, what's there for my breakfast?
Mom: Brangelina, my child.
by uttam maharjan November 02, 2010
a supposedly correct demonym denoting a resident of Canada; Canadian. May also be used as an adjective.
The tourists are all Canadans.
by uttam maharjan August 18, 2010
a feeling of depression and sometimes guilt one has after masturbation (onanism).
Some people are afflicted by post-onanismic depression.
by uttam maharjan August 09, 2010
Australian abbreviation for service stations.
The highway is full of servos.
by uttam maharjan July 25, 2010

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