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To leave, bust out, split, or otherwise vacate the premises.

Ref: In aviation, chocks are blocks placed under a plane's wheels to prevent its rolling away when parked. Hence, to "pull chocks" is to remove said blocks, allowing the aircraft to taxi to the runway and take off.
1: Hey dude this place is dead - whaddya say we pull chocks and try somewhere else?

2: Well fellas, it's getting late, so I think I'm about ready to pull chocks.
by usnav8rbandit January 17, 2010
Aviation term, short for "recage your gyro," meaning to reset one's attitude indicator to the horizon during the preflight checks.

Used as slang it means to take a step back, balance oneself, or get back on the same page as everyone else.
-Dude, this has been a crazy week - I'm totally drained!
-Well at least now we have a couple days to recage!
by usnav8rbandit January 18, 2010
Pilot jargon for relax, slow down, or take it easy.

REF: In aviation, to reduce fuel flow to your engines, resulting in a slower burn rate and thus, a slower cruising airspeed.
-Got any big plans this weekend?
-Nah, just gonna throttle back a bit and recharge my batteries.
by usnav8rbandit January 18, 2010
"Break up and rendezvous" in Navy talk - colloquially used when making plans with buddies, i.e. to leave the present location and meet up elsewhere.
-You guys wanna bravo romeo?
-Yeah, where are we gonna go?
-Seville's always a good play, maybe Intermission...
-How 'bout Will Call?
-Sounds like a plan!
by usnav8rbandit January 17, 2010
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