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Fulton, New York was an industrialized city that contained several manufacturing plants such as the wool and Nestles first US chocolate factory. Known as the city that missed the great depression, things took a turn for the worst during the recent recession. This resulted in closing many factories and the loss of jobs including the shutdown of the towns hospital. Fulton could be a hidden goldmine if someone would invest money to create jobs there but it is full of houses for sale or foreclosed. The sign into Fulton reads, City With A Future. Fulton was named after Robert Fulton, Inventor of the Steamboat. The high school there, G. Ray Bodley is well known for their wrestling team known as the Fulton Red Raiders.
Residents of Fulton used to look forward to the lingering smell of Chocolate in the air from the factory, home of the crunch bar.
by usedtolivethere March 18, 2011

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