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(noun): lazy, "ghetto" way of spelling the word "girl".
Yo qurl dem boots soo000oo tightttt;;
by UrMommmm!! November 13, 2010
noun: portmanteau of "charter" and "retard". A misnomer referring to a Charter School of Wilmington student who displays zombie-like behavior in the hallways and excessive use of calculators for ridiculously simple math problems, such 2+2. These creatures typically have no others skills except that of math and science, and have no life.
Look at John. The only thing he knows how to do is use that fancy-schamancy calculator and name elements off the periodic table. What a chartard.
by UrMommmm!! July 31, 2010
noun: a student who attends Cab Calloway School of the Arts. May be insane, crazy, and/or psycho according to wordly standards. Has a union with other cabbies. Can usually be seen doing stereotypical artsy things or attempting to bother chartards.
As cabbies, we unite to act ridiculous together and also to make art. Sort of.

She goes to Cab Calloway; she's a cabbie.
by UrMommmm!! August 02, 2010
1) noun: a person who bikes in extremes such as traffic, twisty roads without sidewalks, the middle of winter, etc.
2) noun: a person who bikes in an aggressive or borderline insane manner.
Alex is a totally cyclopath. He biked all the way around town during that snowstorm!

Jess is a cyclopath! She just knocked down that other biker with her foot and insulted his mother!
by UrMommmm!! May 01, 2010
verb: when a person fails at pickpocketing, or is caught pickpocketing.
Man, I was failpocketed by Sarah last week. What a jerk.
by UrMommmm!! April 01, 2010
The opposite of yay; a feeling of dissatisfaction or unhappiness.
Joe: Yesterday my dog died.
Tina: Unyay!
by UrMommmm!! April 08, 2010
noun: a severe disease most females may be occasionally or chronically plagued with in which one feels extradorinarily lazy and lackadasial. May or may not be associated with PMS.
I've got a severe case of lazybitchitis today.

Margo's lazybitchitis flared up and she couldn't do the homework.
by UrMommmm!! May 06, 2010
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