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a short asian with big boobs and ugg boots.

she loves to party, make out with ugly boys/girls and get new hickies. =)

but... overall she's a good, sweet, fun person when she's not drunk. (which is never)

-"Where's Nhimo?"
"at a party"

-"Nhimo, what's that on your neck?"
"just a hickie from a random guy."

-"Nhimo who's flipflops are those with the polka dots?"

-"Nhimo, you're a whore."

by urmommaebony October 30, 2008
a man whore who loves to hook up with random fat girls and is in love with cheesecake. addicted to the gym and loves their muscles. would be totally cute if he wasn't such a jerk
"that guy looks like hulk!" girl 1
"yeah! he is such an ubaid" girl 2

"omg i love cheesecake, too bad ubaid never gives me any"
by urmommaebony April 13, 2010

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