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An overrated Gaylord Quarterback for the New York Jets. He is constantly regarded as a great player because he lead his team to 2 AFC title games, in which he got boned. He is considered by many to be the worst quarterback in the NFL. The reason why he barely wins as many games as he does is because he is surrounded by very good receivers and a top-notch running game/defense game. He's so shitty that he can't even seem to achieve a 55% completion percentage. People out in Los Angeles are stupid enough to join on the mass of retard Jets bandwagon fans because he went to USC. He loves to have FOOTlong parties with that Shrex Ryan....And yes, he is not even half Mexican...
Peyton--"Who's that giant walking green penis with the sweaty pubic hair on it's head?"

Tom--"That my good friend, is Mark Sanchez, or in simple terms, A dipshit."
by urmomandme@69 January 28, 2011

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