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PDSEA, aka, Pin Dick Small Eyed Asian. This term is used to bagg out asians. Truthful and funny, this is said mostly as a comeback when an asian pisses you off.
Also; PDSETAA, this is a more hurtful phrase that is Pin Dick Small Eyed Tight Asses asian. You use this term when you really hate an asian.
WARNING: The following terms WILL get you gang bashed by asians, use wisely.
" Far out you PDSEA, no one likes you, go get some friends, a dick and some eyes, then come back."

by ure mum October 08, 2006
Comes from the common usage of the word MILF. This was then modified by the new wave of Sixth Formers as the mysterious cult known as the Brotherhood of Fist adopted it as their slogan. Means Ass I'd Like to Fist.
You're a bit AILF
Walk into common room fist beating heart "AILF"
by Ure Mum November 28, 2005

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