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Skate slang for a transition. A tight tranny is a sharp transition into vert
Barry and Mark should be in the Guiness Book for trikking double on the tightest tranny in MTL.
by Urby Ambcock January 19, 2007
doing something last minute, usually the result of disorganization or procrastination
K: Did you finish your assignment?
B: nah, Im gonna pull a chicken run Monday morning
by Urby Ambcock January 19, 2007
Roaming around the town late at night in hopes of picking up girls.
K: we're goin out on a horny creep, u want in?
B: sure, I'll get ma b00ts
by Urby Ambcock January 19, 2007
Swollen lump from a major goonx, often on the shin or ankle, or on the elbow, where it would more likely be known as a swellbow or chimichanga. The sign of a ripe goonxegg is when you can feel the fluid filled pouch bounce up and down as you walk.
I'm only wearing one sock because the other wouldn't fit over my goonx egg
by Urby Ambcock January 18, 2007
onomatopiea for a skateboarding bail, but can also be called on someone when they fuck up or do something funny. May be necessary to alter the starting letter for extreme variations such as poonx, and even stoonx, but the standard is goonx. Said in a kind of stone plunking into water low to high way. The result of a goonx is often a goonx egg.
Barry hangs up on the manny edge, falling 5 ft into the concrete flatbottom simultaneously shattering arm and shoulder into millions of razor bone fragments.
spectator: "Goonx!"
by Urby Ambcock January 18, 2007
The ongoing transformation / evolution of slanguage / slingo
an example of translangeration?! this sh*t goes on every day in tha ghetto, dog. keep six
by Urby Ambcock January 18, 2007
abbrev. of documenting
what you been up to?
oh u know, doccin gigs, rinsin footy, pimpin vids
by Urby Ambcock January 19, 2007
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