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A type of person who bans all candy, and believes the world would be a better place without sugar. This person enforces their beliefs about the evil in sugar to family, and neighbors causing a riot.
I want candy down with that blue-headed Snickerwhich!
by urbanwordhunter April 16, 2010
A device made for a person who has been paralyzed due to a war injury from World of Warcraft game, it is an electrical wheelchair modified by a team of super nerds, in which this device can do multiple functions at once.
So Jonnie you would never believe what i saw the other day man, a fully functional Electric Nerd Walker just chillian by the dumpster.
by urbanwordhunter April 16, 2010
A person who is constantly on the internet and refuses to leave their computer.
Why can't you get off the internet for one minute, your such an uber nerd.
by urbanwordhunter April 10, 2010

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