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Andrew Gallix is an lecturer from the UK who is best know for creating and editing 3AM Magazine, one of the first online literary magazines.
Andrew Gallix is associated with the Offbeat Generation.
by urbanurban February 15, 2009
3AM Magazine is a literary magazine, which is edited from Paris. The magazine was one of the first literary magazines to publish content via the internet. Its editor-in-chief since inception has been Andrew Gallix. 3am Magazine’s style is post-punk. It magazine publishes transgressional fiction, interviews, critical writing and opinion columnists. Its slogan is "Whatever it is, we're against it." 3am Magazine is associated with the Offbeat Generation.
3AM Magazine is an influential part of the e-zeitgeist.
by urbanurban February 15, 2009
An English literary movement.

See: Brutalist
A brutalist works within the movement of brutalism.
by Urbanurban February 13, 2009

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