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10 definitions by urbanlt

also spelled noob tube
A term used for a rocket launcher or RPG in video games, given the name due to its lack of neccesary accuracy
Stop using that noob toob or I will ban you from the server
by UrbanLT March 13, 2005
The G36 is a german assault rifle made by Heckler and Koch AKA H&K. The Assault rifle is capable of firing NATO rounds in semi auto, burst, or fully auto modes. As of a few years ago it has replaced the MP5, G3, and G33 as German Standard issue. Most G36 Models also feature a 1.5x ocular sight (scope) built into the carry handle.

The G36 Comes in several variants:

-G36: Standard version
-G36C (Compact): Small SMG version capable of heavy external modification
-G36K (Karbine): Shorter version of the G36
-G36E (Elongated): Longest Version of G36
-MG36: Light Support Weapon featuring a bipod but based off of the G36 or G36E model.

The G36 also has several magazine lengths:
100 round "Beta C Magazine"
30 round Stick magazine (available in black or clear versions)
10 round sniper magazine

Ive fired the G36 both real and airsoft and both are extremely effective and responsive to the pull of the trigger.
The G36 is the standard issue weapon for the german military and the G36C is seen in the movie "The Four Brothers" when the bad guys are tearing up the brothers's home.
by UrbanLT January 16, 2006
the first prime of apophus from stargate SG1 who defected against the gou'auld and fights along side the tau'ri (humans)
-teal'c has that look again...
-you mean the one that says I have doubts about this mission but deep down I know its the right thing?
-no, the other one...
-oh.. THAT one...
by UrbanLT March 13, 2005
a hack used by gamers that automatically zeroes them in on the target, giving them an instant headshot
turn off the aimbot you noob hacker!!
by UrbanLT March 13, 2005
in gaming, stands for "nice try" and is used when someone falls just short of completing an objective such as capturing a flag or planting a bomb
nt man, you almost had that one...
by UrbanLT March 13, 2005
a type of grenade that emits a blinding flash and deafening boom to disorient the enemy. Used mostly in SWAT and special forces tactics and modern videogames.
my teammate bounced a flash banger off of the wall and blinded me...
by UrbanLT March 13, 2005
to stick a plasma grenade to someone in halo or halo 2
You Stuck UbernOOb
Stick that grenade on him before he hits you with that energy sword
by UrbanLT March 13, 2005