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10 definitions by urbankhaos

A stupid person (prob. Welsh) saying the word Ambulance
"Get us an amblumance" cried Taff as he lay on the ground injured.
by urbankhaos May 07, 2003
2 1
One who just can't seem to pull his finger from his arse and press record after the change of CCTV tapes.
1. Urban is a real video biffer, sack him.
by urbankhaos May 09, 2003
0 2
Someone who talks a huge load of shite or a primate who masterbates furiously hence producing wads of monkey jizz.
1.Bob really pisses me off, what a jizzmonkey.

2. Cream as far as the eyes can see, watch that jizzmonkey go
by urbankhaos May 09, 2003
14 26