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10 definitions by urbankhaos

Scum sucking piece of shit who preys on children for their sexual pleasure
1. He's a paedophile and should have his nuts cut off.
2. He's a convicted paedophile and as such will probably have his nuts cut off when he gets to prison.
by urbankhaos May 17, 2003
959 386
One who is unable to keep their bloody legs shut and as such produces a ridiculous volume of children. Usually characterised by their pig-ugliness and a run down council house with absolutely no fucking chance of them getting of their arses and finding a job!
1. Maureen was a real breeding machine.

2. Look at the breeding machine with the 12-way pram and Adibok Shellsuit.
by urbankhaos May 09, 2003
49 15
One who pulls ridiculous faces whilst under the influence of drugs such as E's, Coke, Speed etc.

Can be characterised by excessive jaw motion whilst hammering a piece of chewing gum, wide eyes and a streched out gob contorted into numerous positions.

Can also be used to refer to those smashed out of their tiny little trees on top quality skunk.

1. Look at that fellow, he's a gurning drug monkey...

2. We don't want to walk around Amserdam with a bunch of gurning drug monkeys
by urbankhaos May 06, 2003
25 11
A teenage slapper commonly found wheeling a Mamas and Papas round the grim council estates of the north. Will ultimately graduate to the position of breeding machine.
1. God damn it, the town is full of pram pushers.

2. Look at the acne on the pram pusher over there.
by urbankhaos May 09, 2003
14 4
A freshly hatched turd. One which is worthy of such a ferocious title and often has a dorsal fin produced by your contorted arse.
1. I've just flushed the biggest chocolate sewer shark.
by urbankhaos May 09, 2003
10 3
Any flying insect which can be found hanging around the anus of cattle / sheep and / or welshmen.

Have been known to descend to feast upon shite from said critters arses.
Look at the way the bum bum fly just hangs there...
by urbankhaos May 06, 2003
11 5
A turd of unmentionable force or weight. The kind of thing that smashes any porcelain in it's flight path from your arse. Usually followed by a soaking of your Rusty Sheriff's Badge from the water that lies beneath.
1. Daaaaamn, that mother was a real pancracker.
2. Oh man, my feet are wet, I must have cracked the pan with that one.
by urbankhaos May 17, 2003
5 3