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The way geeks spell something they will never get.
3y3 w4nt t3h 53ck5!
by urbandictionary.com May 23, 2004
Public High School located in Mt.Holly (aka Muh holly) Comonly seen in the hallways; obnoxious people who think they run the school and daily Fights. Dont be mistaken if mobs of mostly african americans cut you in the lunch line, Reason for this Caucasians are the minorities in this gangster village.

Commonly seen; pregnant teenage girls and wanna-be black but clearly white kids
How was your day at school?
-Oh you mean the shithole i attend to learn everyday...
by UrbanDictionary.com February 09, 2005
What a rake does when it is tired.
The rake yawned after spending the night without sleeping.
by Urbandictionary.com February 21, 2004
the greatest person in the world. anyone with this nick is also the greatest.
by urbandictionary.com June 08, 2003
1. A state in the western united states.
2. Known as the "No Coast" area
3. A High Rolling record label known in the utah region: See Free City Records
Utah is in the Western United States.
by urbandictionary.com February 26, 2003
Do you like nitrile gloves, rubber gloves, latex gloves, winter gloves, and collect gloves? Gloves make you ejaculate milk.
Hey, that's my glove bitch!
by UrbanDictionary.com December 02, 2003

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