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13 definitions by urbanboi

A circumcision in which the scar is close to the glans and little skin is excised
His circumcision is so low and loose you'd think he wasn't circumcised at all.
by urbanboi April 23, 2009
The ring around a circumcised penis indicating the confidence of health and hygiene.
Once she saw his ring of confidence her resistance was broken.
His ring of confidence positively glowed at the naturist beach.
She could not keep her hands off him when she realized his ring of confidence.
by urbanboi September 16, 2009
The restored "foreskin" of a man circumcised at birth, acheived by stretching the shaft skin of the penis. Often quite convincing.
He hated being circumcised, now his fauxskin looks quite authentic.
by urbanboi April 21, 2009
Having been circumcised by a gomco clamp.
The characteristic brown scar left by a gomco circumcision clamp.

A penis circumcised by a gomco clamp.
His penis had the ring of confidence - the brown scar - so typical of being gomcoed.
He loved that his parents had gomcoed him when he was born.
His gomcoed circumcision was a delight to behold (and hold)!
No smegma on him, he was gomcoed.
by urbanboi June 07, 2010
All Jewish boys are brised on the eight day.
by urbanboi July 07, 2009
A style of circumcision when the whole foreskin is removed as well as the frenulum, leaving a glans standing proud on the end of the shaft. Preferred by many.
It was easy blowing him as he was cut neat and complete.
He squealed when I tounged his neat and complete g-spot!
His circumcision was neat and complete, a smooth scar all round his cock.
by urbanboi July 07, 2009
a bucket of ice from the store in front of a bad-ass fan
The hottest day of the year - needed ice for the ghetto a/c as the regular a/c was off'd by Edison.
by urbanboi September 27, 2010