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1. Noun. A drink created for the under the weather alcoholic. In shot form, its one to end the night when you are sick. One part Captain Morgans Spiced Rum and one part Original Flavor NyQuil. Shake over ice and strain into snifter for a high class NyCapt; otherwise right into your favorite glass!
2. Noun. After taking a shot of nyCapt, looking for your own nyCapt to make your night right.
_nycapting (verb) in search for, looking for that last ditch effort at love.

Enjoy within moderation, because you will be asleep soon.
Hey man I can't believe you made it out tonight after that nyCapt!
I'm out looking my own nyCapt, don't be a cock block.
It's cool man, lets go nycapting together!
by urbanbar May 21, 2009

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