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A treatable condition that causes a really hot chick to have trouble getting dates because guys all assume she already has a boyfriend and are scared to approach her.

Often she is too shy, or mistakenly thinks that every guy in the room is always thinking about getting into her pants. The cure is outgoingness therapy. If she simply approaches some guys, she won't have any trouble finding dates. She can even bump into them on accident, and make them pick up her books or groceries, to see if they care. An alternative treatment is to make the hot chick publish unflattering pictures on a dating website, (or do it for her) and she is sure to get plenty of guys asking her out.

The syndrome has received publicity because of the Jackson Browne song "Somebody's Baby", and public awareness campaigns offer new hope for really hot chicks who suffer from this crippling illness.
Can you believe Alexis didn't have a date for the prom? I wonder if she has contracted SGS.

We're tired of watching Lorna cry all day because she never get's asked out, except by jerks and players. She has a severe case of Somebody's Girl Syndrome. She she was refusing treatment, we took her matters into our own hands and bought her a chemistry.com account.
by urban1973legend February 09, 2012

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