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When an individual pours the beverage of choice down the shaft of their standing partner's erect penis. Said person then drinks the beverage as it drips off the balls.
Bobby: "No offense, dude, but your breath smells like balls."

Billy: "Sorry, man. I had some spiced cider this morning."
by urban donk December 28, 2011
The act of ejaculating into a spoon and force feeding it to your partner.
Bob: "Hey dude. Why is your girl so pissed at you?"

Tommy: "She was wondering what I was doing with a spoon while I was banging her last night. Then I gave her a snow shovel."
by urban donk December 22, 2011
The act of drinking a warm beverage after it is poured down your standing partner's butt crack.
Terry: "Why are you walking so funny?"

Billy: "My life partner wanted some hot cider last night, so I obliged."
by urban donk December 28, 2011
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