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1) A very young pervert. Often someone between the ages of five and thirteen. It is more often found in the male creatures of the species. These beings usually have older siblings to add pollution to the minds of the younger creatures. About 75% of these beings will continue on to be fully fledged perverts. This stage is usually reached around the age of sixteen and lasts until the beings forties, after that they become creepy old people. These creepy old
people are usually very rich and marry very very slutty younger beings. (Commonly referred to as a creepy old dude.)

2) How idiots spell pervert.
1) Mike's little brother is such a prevert! He drew a picture of a woman with huge boobs. He's only six but Mike does that all the time so I guess he learned it from him..

2) "You are such a prevert!"
"Dumbshit it's spelled p-e-r-v-e-r-t!"
by urban dictionary is my hot hot sex December 02, 2007
middle-aged person who in the 1960's was a hippie and now works as a real estate agent, business manager, ect.
kid 1: yeah my parents cought my smoking weed the other day

kid 2: i thought they were hippies why do they care?

kid 1: yeah they were hippies, now they are ex-hippies. so they care...
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