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45 definitions by urban pervert

What naughty girls give instead of kisses.
by urban pervert March 15, 2003
Pussy is better than pie. :^D
by urban pervert June 05, 2003
The end result of having sex with a militant feminist.
Nathan knew how much feminists hate men when Jane msade a few quick twists of her pelvis while he was deep inside her and gave him a broken dick.
by urban pervert June 24, 2003
The best pie you'll ever eat.
by urban pervert March 18, 2003
The way a woman's tits jiggle when she moves. :^B
Damn. That babe walking down the street has got to be wearing no bra because she has a really big bounce on every step.
by urban pervert April 29, 2003
A hard penis.
I stabbed her a new hole with my Woody Woodpecker.
by urban pervert April 04, 2003
The slutty, young babes most likely to appear on any "Girls Gone Wild" porn video.
Mmmmmmmmmm. Co-ed girls are hot.
by urban pervert February 26, 2003