45 definitions by urban pervert

What naughty girls give instead of kisses.
by urban pervert March 15, 2003
The best pie you'll ever eat.
by urban pervert March 18, 2003
The end result of having sex with a militant feminist.
Nathan knew how much feminists hate men when Jane msade a few quick twists of her pelvis while he was deep inside her and gave him a broken dick.
by urban pervert June 24, 2003
The way a woman's tits jiggle when she moves. :^B
Damn. That babe walking down the street has got to be wearing no bra because she has a really big bounce on every step.
by urban pervert April 29, 2003
A hard penis.
I stabbed her a new hole with my Woody Woodpecker.
by urban pervert April 04, 2003
Japanese for "facial humiliation". When a girl gets cummed on by several guys. A very fun thing to watch especially if she drinks it too.
I love Asian porn because they never cease to amaze with sluts getting bukake.
by urban pervert June 29, 2003

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