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45 definitions by urban pervert

semen. The stuff that comes out of your penis during a cum shot.
Britney Spears was found unconscious and covered with jizm all over her naked body.
by urban pervert February 17, 2003
230 67
To have sex with someone.
I laid the pipe on that blonde girl last night.
by urban pervert April 29, 2003
224 63
A slang term used describe male ejaculation of semen from the penis, or female ejaculation of fluid from the vagina. Mostly refers to male ejaculation.
She sucked his dick so good he gave her a massive cum shot down her throat.
by urban pervert February 08, 2003
424 274
Fluid that flows like honey from a woman's vagina when she's horny.
Sarah's vaginal fluid tasted like fresh sardines.
by urban pervert June 09, 2003
239 97
The best service that Asian prostitutes will give you for five dollars.
For five dollar, hot Asian babe give my wang good sucky sucky. And I like it so much I give her 100 dollar for complete service.
by urban pervert June 17, 2003
208 75
When your penis stands to attention. See boner, stiffy.
Thinking about my girlfriend always gives me an erection.
by urban pervert April 25, 2003
837 712
What a girl does when she sits on your dick.
Sally sat on his lap so she could experience the ride.
by urban pervert April 08, 2003
316 193