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After feverishly jerking off on a chicks face, you proceed to give such chick a golden shower to wash off the baby batter.
Bro, after fucked that hoe last night, I pulled out and gave her an Erie carwash at the hotel.
by urajagoff September 14, 2014
a retarded waste of sperm, humanity and air. a simp. a useless douche of the highest degree.
jon is a nimble minded fuck tard
by urajagoff May 22, 2007
A.K.A. The New York Chili Dog, it is the fine art of taking a liquified or sludgy dump on the chest of the gutter slut of your liking. The ass-spatter makes up the "chili", with you're man-hammer being the hotdog and tits being the buns. Afterwards, you procede to titty-fuck prior said trashy pig.
Amanda is a gutter stomping cunt bag and loves the chili dog.
by urajagoff July 16, 2008
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