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5 definitions by ur momma

a sugery powder inside a paper tube. for people who can't offord crack.
Bob: did you bring the crack?
Joe: no i didnt im flat broke... i brought the pixie sticks!
by ur momma February 29, 2004
someone who endulges in the beuatiful art of face humping
"that chris nodwell can sure hump a face"
by ur momma June 12, 2003
May be good at pistol, but he should use it more.
He is a rocket whore and only plays danger canyon using rockets and fuel rod only.
Mofo was killed by TaC°Xpert (aka rocket whore)
Mofo: Omg, ns wid ur rocket !1!!!11!
by Ur momma January 11, 2005
a batty boy who reeks like shit
Lawn bowls, u stink!!
by ur momma May 25, 2003
droppin ur shit giving up and sucking my dick
you surrender(zip)
by ur momma October 04, 2003