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malvern is just jealous, the only thing they can come up w/ is we suck at life and have no contacts sports or w/ girls, and that we suck at life, hahahaha and apparently our place is in the trash can maybe we don't have contact sports, but o yeah i forgot, we won championships in every fall sport, guess we do suck huh? i guess u guys just pride urself having contact w/ other high school guys, and that is sorta weird, but i guess that is ur way of hiding the fact that most of u are to gay to function, haha and whoever tried to insult us sayin mock trial is our best sport it just shows that u really will work under ur dad or a devon guy
malvern prep's favorite sports include holding poles and sticks, and having muddy dog piles w/ other guys
by ur mom goes to college March 07, 2005

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